OK Financial Group head coach Masa Ogino called for more focus on the issue of positional faults in the wake of the recent double-serve controversy in the V-League. “The V-League is more lenient than other leagues when it comes to position fault rules,” Ogino said.

The double serve is a technique that deliberately delays the timing of the serve hit to force the opponent into a positional fault. The strategy capitalizes on the need for the setter and apogee spiker to move quickly to ensure a steady attack after receiving the serve. Recently, there have been several incidents of double serves, and there have even been reports that all clubs have agreed to ban double serves.

On November 3, Woori Card head coach Shin Young-cheol spoke to reporters before the OK Financial Group-Woori Card game and expressed his clear opposition to the double serve controversy. Since OK Financial Group had tried to double serve before, Shin’s words were of interest to the media.

“Our team doesn’t do it. It doesn’t seem to be a big problem according to the rules, but if you do it, you have to pay more attention to something other than your basic performance. If you look at it from a volleyball fan’s point of view, if the other team does a double serve, we have something that we can use decisively when we get really angry (laughs). It’s not that I don’t know how to do it. I think Korean volleyball has a way to go. I won’t do that,” he said emphatically.
On the other hand, Ogino emphasized that he hopes the double serve controversy will bring more attention to the issue of positional faults.

“If you don’t make positional errors, you’re not going to try to double serve. I think the focus should be on positional errors, not double serves. We have to follow the FIVB rules. As a professional team, we’re supposed to give kids dreams and hope. If we don’t play by the rules, I’m worried about the impact on young people watching volleyball. We don’t intend to double serve either. We want KOVO to improve the position fault,” he said.

Ogino went on to elaborate on the position fault issue.

“Compared to other leagues, I think in the V-League, players move faster when they serve. In other leagues, you start off waiting to hit the serve, but here, you tend to run right after the spike serve toss. In other leagues, I think it’s harder to attack to the right because the apogee strike goes backwards from left to right. However, in V-League, it seems like there is enough time to move quickly and move to the right.” 보스토토 도메인

Ogino continued, “In a meeting with the KOVO referees before the season, it was pointed out to me that Lee Min-kyu moves fast. When I heard that, I thought I shouldn’t do it, but when I watched other teams play, I thought, ‘What? Our team works hard to prevent positional faults from practice. I think it’s normal, and I think it’s weird when you go to an international tournament and you don’t get used to the position fault rules. I hope KOVO will solve this problem as soon as possible.”

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