The European soccer league was hot this past weekend, with longtime rivals facing off against each other.

So hot, in fact, that a bus carrying opposing players was attacked.

‘El Clasico’ between Spanish league rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real’s rising star Bellingham ties the game with a cannonball mid-range shot.

It was a powerful shot that the goalkeeper could do nothing to stop.

Bellingham went on to score the winner in stoppage time to complete a thrilling come-from-behind victory.

The excitement generated by El Clasico was pushed to the limit in France.

Ahead of a match between local rivals Lyon and Marseille in the southeast, a dizzying incident occurred.

Hooligans threw beer bottles, rocks, and firecrackers at the away team’s bus.

By the time the bus arrived at the stadium, the windows were smashed enough to see inside.

Lyon’s coach, Grosso, was badly injured in the face by a broken window and required emergency treatment.

The match was eventually canceled, and French authorities say they have arrested seven suspects.

The culmination of the rivalry was the Manchester derby earlier today.

Man Utd old boy Park Ji-Sung was at the stadium with Evra, who was like a brother to him during his playing days.온라인카지노

Evra criticized Park Ji-Sung for not wearing the iconic Man United red on his outfit.

[Evra / Former Man Utd player]
“My sunglasses are red, I’m ready, but I don’t think this guy (Park Ji-Sung) respects our club.”

[Park Ji-Sung / ex-Man United]
“I don’t need to show anything, my blood is red.”

Even with the support of United’s seniors, the juniors crumbled.

They fell to a 0-3 defeat, conceding back-to-back goals on penalties and headers to City striker Holland.

With his multi-goal performance, Holland took his league lead to 11 goals this season, three ahead of Son Heung-min.

I’m Yoon Chul Jung of Channel A News.

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