Kaya FC Iloilo’s head coach and squad representatives are ready for the challenge.

Kaya FC Iloilo (Philippines) will host Incheon United (South Korea) at the Incheon Football Stadium on March 3 at 7 p.m. in the second leg of their 2023-24 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Champions League (ACL) Group G match.

Kaya qualified by winning the Philippine Football League title. They were eliminated from the competition in 2021 after losing all six matches (2 goals scored and 16 conceded). They sit at the bottom of the group after a 1-3 loss in their first group game against Shandong Taishan.

A day before the match, a pre-match press conference was held, featuring head coach Callum Curtis and Javi Gayoso. “I’m really excited and we’re ready,” Curtis said. “We’re excited and we’re ready,” Curtis said, “We’re going to Incheon, so we have some concerns, but I think we’re well prepared,” and Gayoso said, “We’re excited and we’re looking forward to playing a good game against the Korean team. I’m grateful to be able to play in such a good stadium. I will play hard with all my heart and soul.”

Coach Curtis said, “It’s a challenge to play in this group and to play against big clubs away from home,” and Gayoso said, “We’re underdogs, but we have to do our best against big clubs.”

[Coach Curtis and Gayoso’s press conferences below].

Q. What are your expectations?

Coach Kerr: “I’m very excited and we’re ready. There are some concerns because it is an away game in Incheon, but I think we are well prepared.”

Gayoso : “I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to playing a good match against the Korean team. I’m grateful to be able to play in such a good stadium. I will play hard with my heart and soul.”

Q. What is your assessment of Incheon and who are the key players?

Coach Kerr: “It’s a big challenge to play away from home against a team with a lot of depth. It’s always tricky to play a big Korean team away from home. However, we did well against Shandong, so we want to show that we have prepared well and show that we can be competitive here.”

Gayoso: “I don’t want to comment on individuals. I know that Incheon came here with a win against Yokohama. We want to show our competitiveness and play well. We’ll try to build on our last game and showcase ourselves well.”

Q. How are the players acclimatizing to the conditions?

Kerr: “The players are still feeling the cold. But I think it’s good that it’s not raining in Korea compared to the Philippines. It’s been raining heavily in the Philippines. I think that’s a good thing.”

Gayoso: “Unlike the Philippines, the air is good and the weather is cool. It feels cold, but I think it’s better than the Philippines, so I think it’s a comfortable weather to play.”

Q. The fans in Incheon are very supportive. How will it affect the game?

Coach Kerr: “It’s something you always expect when you play big clubs. It’s a challenge to play in this group and to play against a big club away from home. We have players who have played on the big stage, so we’re not too concerned.”레고토토

Gayoso: “The Philippines doesn’t have many opportunities to play in front of big crowds. It will be fun to enjoy the atmosphere tomorrow and use it as motivation.”

Q. What kind of team is Kaya?

Coach Kerr: “I can’t say too much about their tactics. I’m sure Incheon has analyzed them well, but they have a lot of talented players. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t talented.”

Gayoso: “If we have to represent our country, it’s our team. We’re considered the underdogs, but we have to do our best against the big clubs. We have to compete to the best of our ability.”

Q. What kind of soccer do you want to play?

Kerr: “I want to play a game where the players compete well, play hard in it and make my family back home, the Filipino people, happy.”

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