Houston Astros right-hander Brian Abreu has been disciplined.

The Major League Baseball Office announced on Wednesday that Abreu has been suspended for two games on behalf of Senior Vice President of Game Operations Michael Hill.

Abreu struck opposing batter Adolis Garcia in the left arm while pitching in the bottom of the eighth inning of Game 5 of the Championship Series against the Texas Rangers the previous day.

Garcia, who was hit in the arm by a fastball, became enraged and collided with catcher Martin Maldonado, which led to a bench-clearing incident. Garcia, Abreu and Houston manager Dusty Baker were ejected.
While the question of intentionality was debated, the umpires at the time reached a consensus that the pitcher was intentional and was ejected. Major League Baseball saw it the same way.

“All six umpires agreed that the pitch was intentional. All six umpires recognized the intentional nature of the pitch and the circumstances that could have impacted player safety,” Major League Baseball explained.

The suspension is effective immediately for Game 6 of the series, which is scheduled for one day later.

However, if the player chooses to appeal, the suspension will be delayed until the appeals process is complete. Given Abreu’s importance to the Houston bullpen, it’s likely that he will appeal.짱구카지노 도메인

According to ESPN and other local media outlets, Major League Baseball has 48 hours to complete the appeals process. Depending on the outcome of the appeal, there is still a chance that Abreu could miss the postseason.

In addition, Garcia, Texas pitcher Matt Bush, and Houston pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. were fined for their behavior during the bench clearing.

Bush and McCullers, who are not on the roster, will not be allowed in the dugout for the remainder of the series.

In addition, Baker was fined for refusing to leave the field when ordered to do so.

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