Colin Bell, 61, has joined the South Korean women’s soccer team in an advisory capacity.

The South Korean women’s national team, led by Bell, arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 at 1 p.m. on May 5 after qualifying for the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Bell signed a new contract with the Korea Football Association on April 1 to remain as head coach of the women’s national team. At the time, the contract ran until December 2024. At the time, Bell added a clause to her contract that allowed her to also serve as a women’s soccer advisor.

This meant that he would have regular meetings with the coaching staff of the women’s youth and national teams, attend team training sessions, etc. And that’s exactly what Bell is doing.

The day after the World Cup, Bell gave her exit interview, which was part coach, part advisor.

“I’m curious to see how women’s soccer coaches will take this tournament and apply it to their teams. “Personally, watching this Women’s World Cup has made me think a lot about women’s soccer. The modern women’s game is physical, intense, tactically flexible, fast and sprint-oriented. If I were a coach, I would think about utilizing these aspects and implementing them back home with my team, otherwise I would be falling behind the curve of women’s soccer in the world.”

Bell’s record at the helm of the women’s national team is strong, with a World Cup and Asian Cup runner-up finish under her belt. But all good things come to an end, and all bad things come to an end. For the women’s game to thrive in the post-Bell era, if not now, then in the future, it’s important to have the right systems in place.토토사이트

In that sense, Bell’s advice was to the point. We’ve come a long way from being a women’s soccer barrenness to being a World Cup contender. But if we become complacent and don’t analyze, we will be left behind. Bell’s comments should be taken to heart by women’s soccer coaches, administrators, and anyone else involved in the sport.

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