After hanging up his microphone, former Sportvision commentator Oh Jae-won unleashed a barrage of criticism on Samsung Lions pitcher Yang Chang-seop via his Instagram account.

“It’s raining like the future for (Yang) Chang-seop,” Oh said on his Instagram Live on March 23, while showing a video of rain falling outside.

He then looked at a rock and said, “Chang-seob, even if I throw with this, I’ll throw better than you. If you throw four and get one strike, I’ll throw with this and get two out of four. I’ll take a shot with this one. If you throw four pitches and get one strike, that’s a pitcher. You only throw balls after eating.” He continued his rant.

Also, Oh Jae Won said, “It all started because of Yang Chang Seop. I couldn’t stand it when the incidents overlapped because the younger one was so stupid. I want to sweep them all away with a vacuum cleaner.” He did not hide his hostility towards Yang Chang-seop.

In addition, Oh Jae-won never stopped sniping at Yang Chang-seop, saying, “He gave his life for the country,” while showing his Premier 12 championship ring.

Oh Jae-won and Yang Chang-seop’s feud started about two months ago. On June 24, while commentating on a game between the Samsung Lions and SSG Landers at Munhak Stadium, with SSG trailing 13-7, Oh Jae-won suspected intent when Yang Chang-seop of Samsung, who was on the mound, threw a four-pitch fastball toward his body that grazed his jersey, saying, “This is an open slap.” He also accused Yang of intentionally hitting him.

He also saw Yang take off his hat and apologize to Choi as he walked out to first base, saying, “There’s no need to apologize for this. There’s no way Choi Jung doesn’t know. It’s a good thing we’re winning,” again raising the possibility of an empty ball.

In response, Yang quoted the Talmud on his Instagram account after the match, saying, “Meat is always caught by the mouth. Humans are also caught by the mouth,” he posted on his Instagram account. Oh Jae-won responded with the same Talmudic quote, “A foolish man speaks of what he has heard, and a wise man speaks of what he has seen.”

The next day, on the 25th, Oh Jae-won introduced SSG starting pitcher Cho Sung-hoon, saying, “Today, I would like to ask for a sweep (in the three-game series) with a winning pitcher.” Oh Jae-won made a partisan remark, forgetting his duties as a commentator.토토사이트

In the end, he was forced to resign from his position as a commentator two days after the controversy erupted.

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