Can Jeon Sung-hwan (26, 178 cm) ease SK’s worries about Kim Sun-hyung’s backup?

The Seoul SK held a scrimmage against the Goyang Sono at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on Thursday. The game, which served as a facility check before the start of the 2023-2024 season, ended in a 93-98 loss for SK. Jamil Warney dominated under the basket, but the team gave up 24 three-pointers in the loss.

Jeon Sung-hwan played his first game since his unofficial transfer. Jeon came to SK from Goyang Sono in a one-for-one trade for shooter Baek Jiwoong on March 26. It was a fitting matchup for the traded parties.

Jeon first stepped onto the court in place of Hong Kyung-kyung with just over seven minutes left in the game, and played the remainder of the game. He made both of his three-pointers and assisted Sun Sang-hyuk on a two-on-two. However, he made a mistake on his second chance after his first assist. “It was hard because it was my first game in a long time, and I couldn’t catch my breath (laughs). But it was fun.” Jeon said.

SK focused on strengthening its backup point guard in the offseason. They selected Dankook University’s Lee Kyung-do with the ninth pick in the 2023 rookie draft, and signing Jeon Sung-hwan was also a move made because they needed a resource to back up Kim Sun-hyung.

“It was strange because it was my first trade after my debut. It was the first time I’d ever felt that way, and I was dumbfounded. Coach Kim Seung-ki and coach Jeon Hee-cheol told me to do my best.”

Despite the practice game, Jeon will likely start the season in the D-League. “He has a mistake-prone style, but his passing sense is good,” said Jeon. He hasn’t adapted to the team’s tactics yet, so he needs to slowly improve (his performance). I won’t get time in the first team right away. I’m not the kind of player who tests in matches. You have to go through team training, the D-League and then the first team. Only then will the players have more confidence.”

Former Sangmyung University player Jeon Sung-hwan was selected by the Goyang Orion with the fourth overall pick in the 2019 Rookie Draft. He was considered a first-round pick, but some thought he was selected higher than expected. At the time, the Orions were short on first-round talent, so Jeon made history as the first rotational pick from Sangmyung University.온라인바카라

Contrary to expectations, Jeon didn’t get many opportunities in the first team before his transfer. He averaged 1.2 points, 0.8 rebounds, and 1.5 assists in 7:54 minutes in 21 games before joining the team.

Jeon said, “I’m not a good player yet, I’m a bottom player. I have a chance to start with a new mindset, but it’s up to me. I will follow the coach’s words and prepare well. If I get the chance, I want to repay them somehow.”

Jeon continued, “SK has a lot of players who play well as a team. I think I can learn more about basketball just by watching them play. I want to become a player with better game management skills at SK,” he concluded.

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