Diaz’s father was kidnapped by Colombia’s largest rebel group.

“The Colombian government says the rebel ELN is responsible for the kidnapping of Liverpool soccer player Luis Diaz’s father,” the BBC reported on November 3.

On October 28, the car carrying his parents was attacked by gunmen and disappeared, and only his mother was released about an hour later. Her father remains in captivity. Hundreds of soldiers and police are searching for him in the area. 무지개토토 도메인

The incident has left him out of Liverpool’s roster for the last two games. Liverpool striker Diogo Jota celebrates with Luis Diaz’s No. 7 jersey after scoring in a Premier League match against Nottingham Forest on Oct. 29.

The ELN is the largest of Colombia’s remaining rebel groups, with more than 2,500 members since its founding in 1964.

In an official statement, the Colombian government called for the release of Díaz’s father, saying that “kidnapping is a criminal act that violates international humanitarian law and that it is the duty of the ELN not only to stop it, but to eradicate it forever.”

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