The Premier League’s decision not to introduce a semi-automated offside system has resulted in a useless backup plan.

“A new VAR protocol will be introduced this weekend, a controversial date after Liverpool’s crushing defeat to Tottenham,” Sports Bible reported on July 7 (KST).

Liverpool’s Luis Diaz took a forward pass from Mohamed Salah in the 34th minute of the game against Tottenham. Diaz beat Tottenham goalkeeper Vicario to the ball, but was ruled offside by the referee.

Replays showed that Diaz did not cross Romero’s left leg. However, the replay did not show the VAR line, which many people, including the match officials, saw marked all over the pitch, indicating whether a player was onside or offside when the ball was played.

In the end, the goal was disallowed and Liverpool lost 2-1. Shortly after the game, the PGMOL, the body responsible for match officials across the English professional game, said that a “significant human error” had occurred, that the VAR had not intervened in the decision, and that the goal should have been awarded. The line was drawn and procedures were followed, but the referee was only given a ‘checked’ signal instead of being advised to intervene and allow the goal to stand.

After the game, Jürgen Klopp was furious: “Who does that help now, we don’t get a point, it doesn’t help. Nobody expects 100% correct decisions, but I thought things could be easier with VAR.”

“The decision was made really quickly and it changed the tone of the game. A similar situation occurred in the Wolves vs. Manchester United game this season. Did Wolves get a point?” and openly criticized the decision.

“PGMOL recognizes that a major human error occurred in the first half between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool,” PGMOL said on its official website.

“Luis Diaz’s goal was not recognized as offside by the on-field officials. This was a clear error of fact and the goal should have been awarded with the intervention of the VAR, but the VAR failed to intervene.”

“PGMOL will conduct a full review of the circumstances in which the error occurred. We will contact Liverpool immediately after the match to acknowledge the error.”

“The Premier League will not introduce a semi-automated offside system similar to that used in the Champions League before the start of next season, despite a misjudgment during a match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool,” The Times reported on March 3.온라인바카라

Now they’ve decided not to introduce semi-automated, but a new rule. Ahead of this weekend’s league games, Premier League VARs will be checking their decisions with the assistant referees to prevent a repeat of the controversy that saw Liverpool awarded a legitimate goal to Tottenham.

The PGMOL outlined its commitment to a new ‘VAR Communication Protocol’.

VARs have now been instructed by the PGMOL to confirm the outcome of all verification processes before communicating the final decision to the on-field referee.

The PGMOL hopes that this will help to clarify communication between the referee and the VAR team regarding decisions and restore trust in VAR as a system.

The governing body hopes that this weekend’s matches, which see Tottenham travel to Luton and Liverpool take on Brighton, will be free of VAR controversy.

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