SSG’s two foreign pitchers, Kirk McCarty (28) and Roenis Elias (35), may pitch together in Game 4.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “McCarty will pitch today,” ahead of the game against NC in Game 3 of the 2023 KBO Semifinals at Changwon NC Park at 6:30 p.m. on April 25. If he doesn’t go out today, he can start tomorrow. But it won’t be a long inning. It will be an opener.”

“Elias is not going to pitch today. I think he can play tomorrow. We checked him today, and he said, ‘I’m going to the bullpen. He said, ‘I can do it. He can’t start.”

McCarty was initially unable to make the semi-playoff roster. He has recovered from an adductor muscle injury, but he still has some feel issues. Manager Kim Won-hyung said he could use him in the playoffs.

However, he was suddenly added to the semi-playoff roster. He said he would use the bullpen. McCarty gave me a sign that it was okay because he had pitched in the bullpen in the United States.

He didn’t pitch in Game 1 or 2. It was assumed that he was not ready to play. Game 3 was canceled. Manager Kim Won-hyung, who had simply said, “I’m waiting,” said, “I’m going to play today. It is expected to be decided after seeing the game situation.

Elias started Game 1 on Oct. 22. He pitched eight innings of four-hit ball (one home run) with six strikeouts and two walks. He cried in the eighth inning when he was hit by a pitch from pinch-hitter Kim Sung-wook. His pitch count was 88.토토사이트

On the fourth day, he pitched out of the bullpen at Changwon NC Park. If the game goes to Game 5, he could start. For now, he has the option to pitch in the bullpen in Game 4.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “It’s a must-win situation. We’re at the end. It’s the same in any league in any country. In the regular season, you go in with a routine and a date. It’s different in fall baseball. The players are thinking about the team before themselves,” he emphasized.

The challenge is to win, lose, win, win the ‘reverse sweep’. It’s not easy. We have to take game three today. Then there’s Game 4. If we win Game 4, it’s Game 5 on the 28th. After winning Game 3, can McCarty and Elias get the job done in the bullpen in Game 4?

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