The Los Angeles Clippers are struggling to stay healthy inside.

“According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers’ Mason Plumlee (forward/center, 208 cm, 115 kg) is not feeling well in his left knee.

Plumlee has been diagnosed with a left knee collateral ligament sprain. He will travel to Los Angeles to be re-evaluated, and his recovery and return will be timed accordingly.

He was injured in a road game against the New York Knicks on Nov. 7. He came off the bench and was injured just over 10 minutes into the game. He did not return after colliding with Julius Randle (New York) during the game.

This season, he started six games before his injury. In 17 minutes per game, he is averaging 5 points (.632–.429), 5.5 rebounds, and 1 assist. He hasn’t been a standout overall, but he’s been solid as a backup center. He’s been a big help for the Clippers, who lack a backup big man.

Plumlee was acquired by the Clippers at the trade deadline last season. The Clippers sent Reggie Jackson (Denver) and a 2028 second-round pick to acquire Plum, finally bolstering their interior depth after not having a clear-cut center outside of Ivica Zubac for the previous two seasons.

But Plumlee’s injury early in the season left them vulnerable inside. To make matters worse, the Clippers traded Nicolas Batum, Marcus Morris Sr. and Robert Covington to the Philadelphia 76ers for James Harden. Without a legitimate center, the question becomes even more pressing.

There aren’t many big men the Clippers can add. They have undersized big man Kobe Bryant and Moussa Diabatai, who are locked up in a two-way deal. Brown is in his mid-20s, while Diabatai is only in his early 20s. The Clippers may need to call up Diabatai for his size. 보스토토 주소

Meanwhile, the Clippers played their last game in New York, Harden’s first game since arriving in Hollywood, and the Clippers lost to the Knicks in a game that was a messy affair. So far this season, they’ve gone 3-3 and are 5-1.

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