In baseball, a batting average in the teens is the number one way to get cut in any league. However, you can survive with a low batting average by hitting a lot of home runs.

Kyle Schwarber (Philadelphia Phillies) hit his 41st home run of the season in a loss to the San Diego Padres on July 7.
Interestingly, Schwarber has more home runs than singles on the season. In total, Schwarber has 98 hits, of which 41 are home runs and 40 are singles. He has 16 doubles and one triple.

Schwarber also has a season batting average of just .195. However, his slugging percentage is a respectable 0.345. That’s thanks to 112 walks.

His on-base percentage is 0.475, giving him an OPS of 0.820. This is how Schwarber survives in the major leagues, where on-base percentage and OPS are highly valued.먹튀검증

Schwarber hit just .218 last season, but his 46 home runs led the National League. His on-base percentage was .323, his slugging percentage was .504, and his OPS was .827.

Schwarber, in his ninth year in the big leagues, has a career average of .227 with an OPS of .832. He’s hit 240 home runs.

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