Now it’s “Neon Momma. The yellow fluorescent T-shirt is a natural fit.

A former Cameroon international, Moma joined GS Caltex with the seventh overall pick in the 21-22 season. The 5-foot-11 forward was a standout performer, earning a spot in the Best 7 (Apogee) with 819 points. In the 22-23 season, he finished second overall with 879 points in 35 games.안전놀이터

In May, he was drafted by Hyundai E&C with the fifth overall pick out of Turkkiye and will be entering his third season in Korea.

When we met at the Yongin training center on June 16 in a Hyundai E&C jersey, Moma looked relaxed.

“I had a good time with my previous team (GS Caltex),” he said of his new start. I’m grateful to Hyundai E&C for giving me a third chance at a time when I felt I needed a change and a new start.” “If my previous team was large and focused on group life, such as the gym, Hyundai E&C is slightly smaller, but it feels more focused,” he said candidly, “and if coach Cha Sang-hyun is a cheerful type who shouts during training, coach Kang Sung-hyung is a gentle type.

With his powerful spikes that emanate from his short body, Moma has improved the previous team’s performance over the past two years, and he has also set strong personal records.

In addition to her offensive prowess, Hyundai E&C focused on her physical strength. He played all six rounds without any residual injuries. The team needed him even more after suffering the shockwave of mercenary injuries. When asked if he had a special fitness regimen, Moma waved his hand, saying, “It’s a lot of genetics.” “I don’t do as much work on my muscles as other people, but I do rehabilitation to maintain what I already have, and I don’t stop working out when the season ends,” he says.

Now he has an ally in Hyundai E&C, a formidable opponent over the net, and a foe in his hometown team that he played for for two years. When asked about the strengths of the team he played against for two seasons, Moma chose his words carefully.

“First of all, their strength was that they never gave up, and secondly, they had a good defensive system, including blocking, and I would like to talk about the diversity of their game, but their pool of players was so good that when they used unconventional techniques, they were effective. They had studied their opponents, so once the ball was touched, they were all ready for it, no matter where it landed.”

Although the team hasn’t started training yet, he’s excited to see how he’ll work with main setter Kim Dae-in. “She’s a very good setter,” he said, “and I’m impressed with how she focuses and tries to send the ball straight even when she’s shaky.”

He also spoke candidly about the system and colors of domestic volleyball, which he has observed for two seasons.

“Ball stamina and defense are the strengths of Korean volleyball,” he said. “In the French league, there are many games that end quickly because the players are tall and hit with power, but in Korea, there are long rallies because the defense is good. It takes a long time and effort to score points,” he added.

He also shared his thoughts on this summer’s cup competitions. With the recent influx of foreign coaches, domestic volleyball has shifted from a wing-oriented game to one that focuses on equipping attackers with a wide range of pipe attacks.

“It’s definitely making a difference,” Moma said, “I’ve seen players who no one would expect to receive the ball get ready and try to attack, and it’s also making it easier for the setter to run the game (with more attacking options). The will to win is getting stronger and stronger.”

MOMA is entering its third season in the V-League. That’s more than one-fifth of his career in Korea. It’s not a long time, but it’s not a short time either, so how is he spending his life in Korea?

When asked, Moma hesitantly starts by saying, “I like chicken feet (without soup), jjimdak and galbi tang.” It’s not just the food, but also the small things. It wasn’t just the food, but the way she talked and the smallest habits.

When asked to name a moment when he felt like he was fully Korean, he confessed, “When I meet my seniors, I dust off my legs and stand up to say ‘hello’ and greet them sternly,” which made him laugh. On the other hand, he jokingly throws “I’m the big sister” at his juniors in a dignified manner. The nickname ‘Confucian girl’ brought back an embarrassed smile.

On the other hand, there are some aspects of Korean culture that were difficult to adapt to at first. “I would say it’s a very occasional thing. “When I first came (to Korea), it was difficult to communicate my thoughts to the director, even if it wasn’t something bad or disrespectful, because I had to go through the office. In France, you can communicate directly with the director when you have a disagreement.” He confessed.

Finally, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Hyundai E&C and the Korean fans who have supported him and his new family.

“Thank you for the love, appreciation, and support you have given me for two years. I hope you’ll come back for more, because who doesn’t need love? I will do my best, avoid injuries, and work harder to win the MVP. I missed the Triple Crown by one point before, so I will win it this time.”

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