“It’s just three runs.”

Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels) has not made any public comments since declaring himself “out for the season” with an ulnar collateral ligament injury in his right elbow. However, with general manager Perry Minassian’s recent revelation of Ohtani’s refusal to undergo two MRIs earlier this season and again earlier this month, American media outlets have interpreted the Angels and Ohtani as having crossed the Rubicon.

Otherwise, Ohtani has no reason to stay with the Angels, who are out of the postseason. After all, the Angels didn’t get a top prospect in Ohtani, and they didn’t make the postseason. What’s more, it’s a certainty that Ohtani will leave in free agency in 2023-2024. They’re about to be left with nothing.

It’s safe to say that Ohtani’s days on the mound in an Angels uniform are numbered. We won’t even see him bat in an Angels uniform after this season. So what can Ohtani bring to the Angels with about a month to go until the end of the regular season?

According to MLB.com, it’s the Angels’ franchise home run record. MLB.com published a list of milestones for each of Major League Baseball’s 30 clubs with one month left in the regular season on Aug. 31. The Angels mentioned Ohtani’s 47 home runs.

Ohtani has 44 homers in 132 games this season. He has a very good chance of surpassing his 46 home runs in 2021. If he reaches 47, he will tie Troy Gloss for the Angels’ franchise record for home runs in a season with Troy Gloss in 2000. Anything over 48 homers would be a franchise record.

With Mike Trout not being the same player he once was due to injury, it’s hard to see who could challenge this record once Ohtani leaves. It’s also significant for the Angels. Ohtani hasn’t hit 44 homers in a week, since he hit one against the Cincinnati Reds on April 24, but he’s a prolific hitter. Once he gets his groove going, he could surpass 47 homers and challenge for 50. He’s in a race with Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves, 43 homers) for the major league home run lead.

The variable is the elbow. While the left-handed hitter can still hit normally with a right elbow injury, the sooner he has surgery on his elbow, the sooner he’ll be ready to pitch in 2025. Some American media outlets have suggested that the Angels should put Ohtani on the table immediately to protect him. In this case, Ohtani would have to finish the season as a hitter as well.먹튀검증

According to MLB.com, “Ohtani is just three home runs shy of Gloss’ 47 in 2000. He tore the ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow on Aug. 24 and could have season-ending surgery at some point in September. However, he has been in the starting lineup every day since his diagnosis and is still awaiting a second opinion on his elbow.”

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